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Brighten up your life with LED lights
Jaf Led Lights

The most energy-efficient and rapidly-developing lighting technology is known as LED (Light emitting diodes). Led is the hottest new trend in residential and commercial lighting, but the interesting thing is it itself does not produce any heat. Led are semiconductor devices which can produce directed light in an extremely efficient manner.

Pros of using led lights

  • Energy efficient: led is the highest energy efficient lighting technology. It consumes 75% of less energy than a normal bulb. And it is 90% more efficient than a normal bulb.

  • Does not heat up: a typical bulb has filament inside it which works as a circuit, when current flows through it produces light and heat. But in case of led, it does not have any filaments inside, all it has electrons, when energy passes it transforms to photon lights.

  • Eco-friendly: unlike traditional incandescent bulbs it does not have any methane, so after the use of the bulb it can be recycled. As mythen is harmful for our environment so it's better to use a led, which is eco friendly?

  • Better lifetime: it is claimed that a led can last 133 times more than a traditional bulb. It has a capacity of 5000 hour.

Now, led lighting can cost almost double than the traditional bulbs. But the bulbs are worth it cost, as they can last way much longer. The UAE market is filled with led lights. And JAFLED Lights & Electricals LLP is a renowned name in the market. It has a huge chain of led manufacturers. The market has grown itself from the last few years. They provide many kinds of led including track light, down light, spot light, bay light, street light and many more.

Things to consider before buying a led bulb:

  • Lumens, not watts

Whenever you are buying a led always check if it’s in lumens or in watts because lumens are for led and watts are for CFLs the use of lumens as a base to measure brightness more appropriately.

  • Choose the right color

Led lightings have various color options. It can change colors with the help of the remote. If the white light is hurting your eyes you can always change your light to pale white, which also draws attention to your home decor.

  • Check for energy star certified product

Energy star means high quality and performance. A bulb without energy star does not complete the all need of the users, it can be a disappointment for them

  • Optimizer for dimmers

Using dimmers can change the mood and ambience of your house. This feature also saves electricity.

  • Check the socket

Make sure you have a led lighting based socket. However the bulbs are made to fit in the traditional socket, but some can have variants. So always make sure before you buy the product.