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About Us


JAFLED Lights & Electricals LLP is the venture capital of Red Rose Group India, managed by WIIZ Holdings Limited. We have enlightened the Indian market with our modern LED lighting solutions. We did this with our strong market presence in the Middle East nations. Our LED manufacturing is with the latest technology in semiconductors. Our solid-state devices with LED designs are specially made to suit the lighting needs of this Alpha + City. Our presence in Dubai will cater to the domestic and commercial customer’s ultra modern lighting needs. Our LED light products are specially designed to meet the demand of this multicultural peoples LED light with economy and durability.

Who we are?

JAFLED Lights & Electricals LLP is into LED Light manufacturing since the year 2015 in India. We Supply our LED lighting products in India and the Middle East. Ours is a BIS & ISO-9001-2015 certified company. We have our own LED lights manufacturing plant in India.

We take the opportunity of Go Green Concept. By this, we deliver the most energy-efficient lighting solutions for home, industrial and commercial customers. Our knowledge in semiconductors and using the latest technology in illumination has enabled us to produce high-quality LED lamps. By this, we are into a modern lighting solution. We have qualified and experienced team to design and manufacture LED lamps. We do come for custom works for those Go Green people.

JAF Lighting Solution Team

We believe in teamwork. We see the utmost standards in manufacturing energy-efficient lighting products. By this, we have various Energy Star qualifications. This is to meet the local or international standards of a nation, where we supply our LED products. Our technical team does various researches on semiconductors. Thus we develop a LED light to outperform with other brands in LED light manufacturing. Our quality team ensures for environmental safety, energy-efficient and human-friendly LED lighting products.



Our passion is with illumination technologies. We research design and make the most deserving energy-efficient lights to our communities. We are pride to make this planet earth an eco-friendly place to live. We are proud today to be a part of this environmental cause.

Innovate Thoughts

We know necessity is the mother of invention. We thank the inventors of the bulb. What we do is now applying innovative thoughts and making Energy Star rating LED lights. Our team is there to make much innovation in illumination technology. We wish to brighten the future with Go Green Concept.

Environmental Protection

The artificial lights are generating much heat daily. Considering environmental protection, we are into the LED light manufacturing business. By this, we save energy and environment for our future generations. We market our led light products with much focus on protecting the environment and save energy resources.


We light the lives of people in homes and commercial places. We see our LED lights are star ratted and with full safety. We mean safety in the sense of human and environment. We manufacture energy-conversant LED lamps with utmost safety from radiation, heat, and current.