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The Future Generation of Lighting Product LED
Jaf Led Lights

Light emitting diodes, also known as LED, are the most popular lights among the world. It is a semiconductor device that emits lights when an electric current passes through it. LED bulbs are very energy efficient but they still maintain their looks. These lights consume a little amount of power but can for a long time. Diodes are generally made from semi-conductive material such as silicon that conducts electricity in some circumstances.

How LEDs are different?

LED bulbs are definitely different from normal light products. The most useful fact is that a led bulb consumes 75% less energy than the normal incandescent bulbs and CFL. Now, the normal bulb has filament inside it, when energy passes through it, the filament glows and produces heat. But in case of led they have electrons, when current passes through it, it transforms to photon lights which we can see.

Whether you are hosting a party or just normally want to make your house look a bit beautiful and bright, JAFLED Lights & Electricals LLP is a smart and best choice for you. Their lights are easy to get and also you don’t even have to call an electrician for attaching the lights. They are so easy to install and remove, anyone can do that. JAF strip lights come with self adhesive. Just buy the led and simply attach wherever you want to.


There are many LED lighting products available by JAFLED Lights & Electricals LLP. Whether it’s a bulb or a night light or decorating lights, you can find each and every kind of led lights according to your choice. Apart from that there are other products which are:

  • JAF track light
  • JAF down light
  • JAF flood light
  • JAF panel light
  • JAF high bay light
  • JAF spot light
  • JAF strip lights
  • JAF stage lights

Lifetime of led lighting products

Led are defined differently than other light sources. Led do not burn out or fail as ‘typical’ light bulbs. The standard led lifetime is 5000 hours compared to a normal bulb which only provides 1000 hour of lifetime. It is a bit more expensive than other kinds of lights, but its performance is way better than any of them. The manufacturer of led lights claims that a led can have 10 years of lifespan. However, it’s just an assumption if you switch on your bulb only for three hours in a day. Another useful thing is led do not contain mercury, so it can be recycled and also has a positive environmental impact.